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Statutory Compliance Management

Our solutions help ensure our clients are legally compliant with all relevant building regulations and legislation, whilst driving down costs by providing intuitive and robust reporting systems, to allow them to quickly identify and allocate high risk issues to be rectified.

Category Risk Area Regulatory Testing Frequency
Lifting Equipment Hoist Yearly
Goods Lift Yearly
Passenger Lift 6 Monthly
Shackles 6 Monthly
Engine Hoist 6 Monthly
Slings 6 Monthly
Ropes 6 Monthly
Chains 6 Monthly
Work at Height Ladders - Fixed Quarterly
Ladders - Mobile Quarterly
Scaffold Quarterly
Fall Arrest Yearly
Fall Restraint 6 Monthly
Man safe system Yearly
Harness 6 Monthly
Cherry Picker 6 Monthly
Scissor Lift 6 Monthly
Environment Oil Tanks 5 Yearly
Interceptor Yearly
Controlled Yearly
Waste Yearly
Kitchen Extract 6 Monthly
Asbestos Yearly
Pressure Systems Physical Yearly
Air Quality LEV Yearly
Air Quality Test Yearly
HVLAC Yearly
Fire Equipment Alarm, Detectors 6 Monthly
Suppression 6 Monthly
Sprinklers Service 6 Monthly
Sprinkler Head Monthly
Fire Pump Testing Weekly
Sprinkler Test Weekly
Fire Dampers 6 Monthly
VESDA 6 Monthly
Fire Fighting Yearly
Dry Risers 6 Monthly
Smoke Vents Yearly
Fire Hydrants Yearly
Fire Risk Strategy Yearly
Fire Risk Yearly
Portable Yearly
General Lighting Yearly
RCD Test Meter Yearly
RCD Test Quarterly
Fixed Wiring 5 Yearly
Thermal Scan Yearly
HV Inspection 3 Yearly
Lighting Yearly
Heating and Air Conditioning Combined Heat Yearly
F Gas - Air Con Yearly
Gas Installation Yearly
Gas Appliances Yearly
Boilers Yearly
Radiation Sources Microwaves Monthly
Safety Critical Equipment Emergency Yearly
Emergency Weekly
Emergency Monthly
Emergency Yearly
Light Barriers Quarterly
Emergency Stops Quarterly
Water Quality Lead Monthly
Water Weekly
Legionella Quarterly
Tempreture Monthly
Facilities O&M Manual Yearly
Work Equipment Abrasive Wheels Yearly
Pallet Trucks Yearly
Forklift Trucks 6 Monthly
Trailer Jacks Yearly
PUPS 6 Monthly
Pallet Lift Yearly
Dock Doors Yearly
Dock Levellers Yearly
Cardboard Bailer Yearly
Plastic Bailer Yearly
General Waste Yearly
Inspection of Pick Yearly
Pick Tower Yearly
Pallet Racking Yearly