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Welcome to Factotum Eng Services Ltd

Factotum Eng Services Ltd has been specifically structured to provide a high quality and responsive service in all areas of Facilities Engineering Maintenance, from hands on maintenance, Contract Management, Interim Support to Statutory Compliance.

High service quality and competitive pricing - The director's personal involvement ensures a high level of customer satisfaction. FES aims to provide a service that is of a consistently high standard whilst remaining competitively priced.

We work in partnership with organisations to deliver long-term value, offering a wide range of services - from project management, statutory compliance, risk assessment to 3rd party project support and labour supply.

We're experts in the delivery of engineering services. We have the in-house capability to deliver the full range of engineering services in environments such as retail stores, commercial offices, warehousing facilies.

Factotum is part of the Prime Atlantic Group of companies

The group consists of five companies, we work together to deliver bespoke solutions for clients projects. Group success is built on listening carefully to clients requirements.

Why Outsource

Outsourcing to us allows your operations that have seasonal or cyclical demands to bring in additional resources when needed.

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Statutory Compliance Management

Our solutions help ensure our clients are legally compliant with all relevant building regulations and legislation, whilst driving down costs.

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Mechanical and Electrical Maintenance

We’re experts in the specialist area of mechanical and electrical maintenance. We’ll maintain your fabric and infrastructure, keeping your business running smoothly and efficiently at all times.

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What can happen if compliance is not delivered?

The price of failure for both suppliers and clients in delivering a safe and secure environment is high.

In extreme cases where there is a life or death threatening injury, it can result in prosecuon and imprisonment and corporate manslaughter cases which, whilst rare, do focus on the responsibilies of directors and senior officers of an organisation.

For most organisations the penales for non-compliance may vary from heavy fines, increased insurance cost and of course reputational damage. The focus however should not be about avoiding prosecution but implementing practical processes for keeping staff, the public and the buildings they occupy safe. Failure to deliver compliance can also result in service delivery failures, which whilst not as severe as legal failures can impact on the operaon of your facilities, your core business and your profits.

How do I ensure compliance is delivered?

  • Request compliance statements from your supply chain in any regular reports you receive.
  • Include compliance on the agenda of regular meengs with suppliers.
  • Have compliance included as a KPI in any performance monitoring regime instigated on service delivery contracts

Outsourcing risks can be mitigated

By contracting out or outsourcing, a client may mitigate risk but can never fully delegate (or abdicate) it. In law the client is the property owner/occupier and therefore retains overall responsibility. Outsourcing risks can be mitigated via:

  • Due diligence
  • KPIs
  • Reporting
  • Insurance