With many years’ experience onsite behind us, along with a thorough understanding of the rules and regulations that govern the construction sector, Factotum can help you identify and meet all your statutory compliance obligations with relative ease and impressive cost-efficiency.

Compliance Requirements

The statutory obligations that apply to the design, construction and operation of a commercial building are vast and very much dependent on the property’s size and purpose. Despite their complexities, these mandatory responsibilities should never be neglected – because the price of failure for both suppliers and clients is high.

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Penalties for non-compliance can vary. In some instances, your negligence could lead to a heavy fine or an increased insurance premium; in more severe scenarios, where circumstances have led to a life changing injury or even death, failure to adhere to current legislation could result in prosecution, imprisonment, and, in rarer cases, corporate manslaughter cases for your directors and other senior officers. Lack of compliance can also affect service delivery, which in turn have a profound impact your company’s profits, not to mention its reputation.

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